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Cryptovideography.com was born out of the idea that today's TV specials and programs do not give the field a fair shake. Most of the television-produced documentaries on any paranormal  subject is usually skewed, with only a few that tell the truth, and those are rare. Lets face it, TV networks have an agenda, to sell advertising not tell the truth. However it is not always the fault of the program. Time is also a factor. When you carry the burden of trying to explain the subject to the layman it becomes impossible to do it in a sound byte. This is the reason Phenomenal Entertainment is here, to give the subject a fair shake. To give time to those who need it to explain their findings and place it in it's proper context. It is our goal to produce quality documentaries on a variety of subjects. 
Researchers will be given the time to present their findings and the overall goal will be to present factual and truthful information. Our documentaries are produced at the highest quality we can create and published through a variety of sources. We endeavor to produce the best documentaries we can with the resources available to us.
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